Bothered By Your Tax Bill?

Tax Loans Can Help Working Capital

Bothered By Your Tax Bill?

Does your business suffer from cash flow problems or have you been declined by your bank for an overdraft or loan and you need to move fast?

Tax liabilities can put a considerable amount of pressure on your cash flow, even when you have planned for them. Paying your tax bill upfront can tie up your banking lines and affect your working capital.

There are lots of ways you can fund a tax bill and cope with HMRC arrears — and using a tax bill loan is an increasingly common way to stay safe and be prepared for the next set of payments.  Tax loans are designed to help you maintain working capital and manage your cash flow; you can spread the cost of your tax demand into more affordable monthly payments.

Tax demands can be received in various formats dependent on your circumstances. We can fund personal tax, corporation, capital gains, crossover tax and inheritance tax. Payment can be made directly to HMRC or to a bank account of your choice allowing you to have your tax bill paid on time, avoiding any late penalties. 

Simply tell us the amount of your tax bill and the term you would prefer. We will tailor the tax loan to suit your circumstances with fixed payments over the agreed repayment period. 

Pay, Don't Delay .......

HMRC has escalated business winding-up orders and liquidations. We always remind businesses of the dangers of putting off paying a tax bill. Late payment fees can quickly escalate. Lenders may refuse to lend to you with an outstanding tax bill.

A tax bill loan will help you manage payments year-on-year (or quarter-on-quarter), whilst keep your business ticking over.

Key benefits:

  • Fast decision turnaround time
  • Competitive rates
  • Maintain your banking lines and working capital

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