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Can I increase my Insurance Cover?

Protect yourself, your family and your lifestyle

Can I increase my Insurance Cover?

We have had numerous enquiries to ask if it is too late to increase life cover or Critical Illness Cover (C.I.C). The straight answer is it is not too late for any policy.

Times like these do tend to focus the mind on our families and businesses - would either be able to move forward in the event of a person’s death?

Our aim is to make life insurance simple for everyone. This means providing you with clear information around insurance policies, taking away complexities, and allowing you to make informed decisions on sums assured or the amount you wish to pay per month.

Choosing the right policy

There are many ways you can protect you family or business  - not just the basic life insurance policies you see advertised on television. We can ensure you have the right level of replacement income for your family in the event of the worst happening.

Many of these policies can be paid via your business making them tax efficient.

We can do everything for you over the phone, by email or post. Please remember we are here to advise and help in anyway we can.

Policy in Trust
Trusts can make it quicker and easier for your family or friends to receive their pay-out against your cover if you die during the policy term. That’s why we can advise you to place your life insurance policy in trust, where appropriate.

Please get in touch if you have any worries about your level of cover.