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Coronavirus; how will it impact my investment?

Don't crash out of the stock market

Coronavirus; how will it impact my investment?

While the human cost is of course tragic, coronavirus also carries an economic cost, although we would caution against a knee jerk reaction to move to cash.

Coronavirus will depress global economic growth in 2020, but it is impossible to say whether markets are currently too optimistic or pessimistic about its progress.

For investors who are mindful of selling their investments now, there is a clear risk of selling at the bottom and having to buy back into the market once stocks have rebounded.

Please read Quilter Cheviot Investment Management: Coronavirus Comment for further detail on the management of the virus and the steps taken by the global economy to cushion in impact.

"It is not so much about timing the market, but time in the market, with long-term investors benefiting from steadily compounding returns over the years, as any chart of historic market performance will show."