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Dream locations revealed

Work from home? Anywhere you want!

During lockdown, many of us have spent time considering where our ideal location to live would be if we could relocate. According to a recent survey11 asking people where in the country they would like to move to, Cornwall is the top dream location, followed by Devon, the Lake District, Yorkshire and London.

The top ten is then made up by Dorset, Scotland, the Peak District, Wales and Norfolk. Space, space, space Location isn’t everything – 65% of UK adults said they would prefer to live in an acceptable location with more space instead of a great location with less space. As well as having more space, those surveyed thought it is important to be closer to family and to have a garden, whereas 16% wanted to be further away from other people.

Top of the list for choice of location is the countryside (28%), living by the sea (27%) and being closer to woodlands (16%). Commuter belt towns are currently out of favour, with only 5% wanting to move here, rising slightly to 7% for a city centre.

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11Trussle, 2020