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Help to Buy – Is There A Time Bomb Looming

New Mortgage Products

Under its Help to Buy scheme, the government provides equity loans to first-time buyers and second-steppers of up to 20% of the purchase price of a new-build property of up to £600,000. A London-only version of the scheme provides 40% equity loans.

The scheme, which was introduced back in 2013, means that borrowers need only a 5% cash deposit, while taking out a 75% mortgage which is topped up by the government’s 20% equity loan. The 40% loan limit for Greater London homes came in during 2016.

In return, the borrower must pay the loan back plus a share of any increase in the property’s value. After five years, borrowers are required to start paying interest at 1.75% on their Help to Buy equity loan, rising each year by retail price inflation plus 1%. The alternative is to pay the loan off, but this usually requires the borrower to remortgage which means they need to have built up equity in the property.

Many Help to Buy customers will have relied on house prices continuing to rise; however, new-build homes don’t always increase in value at the same rate as other homes, so the amount of equity available could in some cases be small.

 Calculating the costs

From April, borrowers who took advantage of the scheme at launch will have to start paying 1.75% interest on their government loan. This comes on top of a borrower’s other bills such as their mortgage, and at a time when wages are rising only slowly.

 New mortgage products

Homeowners faced with the choice of remortgaging or paying expensive loan fees will be pleased to know that new mortgage products designed to meet the needs of Help to Buy borrowers, are coming to the market. These offer borrowers a remortgage option that removes the equity element of the loan and effectively gives them ownership of the whole property.

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