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Housing market now partially re-open

Time to think about your mortgage

The housing market in Wales is now partially re-open with the Welsh Government’s position very much about opening as much of the market as possible whilst minimising risk.

This means:

  1. All house moves can go ahead where the residential property has been unoccupied i.e. vacant for at least 72 hours.
  2. House moves can take place where a sale has been agreed but not yet completed.
  3. The marketing and viewing of unoccupied residential property can take place.
  4. Valuations and inspections of occupied residential property are allowed but should be done so safely and in line with the Welsh Government’s guidance on working in someone’s home.

House moves can still not take place where the residential property is occupied.

But there is more light ahead - the Welsh Government has said that agents can now prepare to market these properties subject to a full reopening of the sector.  

Small but positive steps.

No one knows if there will be a housing market slump or a pent up demand for property.

If you have any questions about the property sector, mortgages or your protection requirements – please get in touch, we have our finger on the pulse in this fast-changing environment and can assist you to navigate the challenges ahead.

With a specialist mortgage team, we are ready to act on new mortgage applications, re-mortgages and mortgage product transfers.