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Mortgages are getting tougher – but not for us!

Savvy mortgage advisers know where to go

Mortgages are getting tougher – but not for us!

Tesco Bank is stopping new mortgage lending. Tesco Bank chief Gerry Mallon is quoted as saying that recent challenging market conditions have limited profitable growth opportunities. There’s just not enough money in it for them! Good job for weary house hunters that not everyone thinks like that!

It’s true that getting a mortgage offer is hard work. Conditions are tougher, deposits need to be bigger, credit ratings need to be better, yes it is a challenge.

So here’s some great feedback that we had recently proving that it can be done

“Today is the day that finally, after several challenges, we have completed on our little flat. We would just like to thank Dan for all his hard work on this, less than simple, purchase.

From the very beginning of this project Dan has shown great professionalism, excellent market knowledge and delivered customer service far exceeding any reasonable expectations!  He has understood and bought into our business plan from the very start, understanding exactly what we wanted to achieve, while also giving advice and guidance allowing us to tweak our plans as time went on.

Dan’s communication skills keep us well informed and his willingness and ability work with the other members of our professional team, not only save us valuable time, but also bring us all together and greatly increases the efficacy of our small operation.

We have recommended the services of Cosgrove Brown on several occasions to friends and colleagues and will happily continue to do so.

We look forward to working with you on our future projects and the offer of a well earned beer is always on the table”.

So take a bow Daniel Bailey, our expert Swansea mortgage adviser, a man who knows all about the strict regulations of the mortgage market and where to find the best bespoke solution for our mortgage clients.