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We're here when the bank says 'No!'

All too often you can rely on your bank to say ‘no’ when you need capital investment. No to lending, no to business credit and no to refinancing. Entrepreneurial business owners don’t waste time with lenders who can’t or won’t help, they turn to us.

By bringing in our specialist commercial lending team you can continue to focus on developing and expanding your business instead of wasting valuable time trying to secure commercial financing.

The team at Cosgrove Brown Commercial know there’s more to lending than just the High Street big five and they don’t take no for an answer. In fact, when ‘computer says no’, the mainstream banks often refer their clients to us!

Challenger banks and platform lenders are pulling ahead in small business financing and knowing how to tap in to them is key. Knowing which lenders loan to which type of borrowers is the holy grail for securing that elusive deal. It’s about creative financing.

Get fast turnaround capital

Our vast bank of 30+yrs acquired expertise, knowledge and contacts goes into offering clients the best advice to suit their every business requirement. It also powers our ability to secure fast decision, quick turnaround business finance.

And we're good at it! The results speak for themselves.

In the past nine months, Cosgrove Brown has secured £1.95 million in bridging loans, £1.8m in commercial re-finance, £2.4m in commercial purchases, £1,000,000 in an MBO and a significant amount in factoring and asset finance deals, and the company is currently structuring a further 1.7m single commercial finance deal.

Just recently, hospitality group Refining Dining Ltd opened a multi million-pound entertainment complex with finance arranged by Cosgrove Brown Commercial. The successful partnership has led to further financing for an expansion into Cardiff for a bar restaurant which opened at the end of January, with a third restaurant due to open in the Spring.

When your bank says no

There is never a one-size-fits-all option in life and that is certainly the case when it comes to commercial finance, we can see the deals for what they are and adopt a sensible ‘can do’ approach. The banks just look at them on paper and dismiss them. It’s not just about the money, we can help with share agreements, business protection, key person insurance and even introduce other investors.

Commercial lenders want to lend; having unused cash is becoming less attractive. Don’t waste time dealing with lenders who can’t help you, deal with a team who can negotiate complex commercial finance packages quickly, on your behalf.

When you need capital investment, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.