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Remortgaging doesn’t end with your new mortgage

How would you pay your mortgage if…?

We all understand the potential benefits of remortgaging. Whether that’s to release extra funds for home improvements, or simply to benefit from a better value rate at the end of a fixed term. However, now you have remortgaged, do you know how you would pay your new mortgage if you couldn’t work?

How would you pay your mortgage if…?

As the current crisis has shown us, we never know what is just around the corner. If you were unable to work through illness or injury, would you be able to keep up your mortgage repayments? You may be lucky enough to receive sick pay, but do you know how much that would be and for how long it would be paid? If you don’t receive sick pay could you get by on government benefits? The Employment and Support Allowance currently pays between £67.20 and £84.80 a week*.

Eliminate the risk of losing your home

While insurance can’t remove the risk of you being unable to work, it can make dealing with the consequences a lot easier. Money provided by an income protection policy is one way that can help eliminate the risk of losing your home.

There are many extremely practical and cost-effective options that we can discuss. If you already have plans in place, including employee benefits such as sick pay, I can review them and build on this foundation if you require further cover.

So, if you have any questions or would like to know more about eliminating the risk of losing your home, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Until then, please stay safe and stay well.