The Autumn Statement - All You Need to Know

What's New for Landlords?

The Autumn Statement - All You Need to Know

The Autumn Statement - the government's second big economic statement of the year - has significant implications for your finances.

Philip Hammond described this statement, his first as chancellor, as a plan to ensure the UK economy is "match-fit". It included major announcements on housing, benefits and tax.

  • Major investment to build up to 140,000 new homes may at last bring some relief for first-time buyers.

  • Letting agent fees have been banned – meaning no more up-front costs for renters.

  • The level at which you start to pay income tax will rise to £11,500.

  • Insurance premiums may be slightly more expensive due to a 2% tax rise.

  • The triple-lock on the State Pension is set to be protected – great for pensioners, but the young may feel they are missing out.

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