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The Ever Changing Mortgage Market

Finding You the Best Mortgage Deal

The mortgage market is forever changing, both in terms of the offers available, regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority, and how lenders assess loan applications.

The biggest recent changes have been in the way mortgage lenders assess the suitability of all clients for the different types of loan on offer. They base this decision on a variety of factors, primarily:

1. The property – type, condition, access and location

2. Employment status – amount and frequency of income (and time in your current role)

3. Financial commitments – current and future (and your history of managing credit).

There is now more focus on affordability and expenditure. This is very different to the traditional approach of simply multiplying your annual personal (or rental) income by a pre-set multiple to obtain a maximum lending amount.

We pride ourselves on being up to date with regulation, legislation and the economic market. We understand your needs, match that to the requirements of lenders, and protect you and your loved ones once you have obtained your property.

This way, we help you save time and money - and we get you a great deal!

It is not as simple as looking for the lender with the cheapest rate, or insurer with the cheapest premium.

Yes, the interest rate or premium is key as a starting point. However, how might that change in the short,medium or long term?

We undertake a comprehensive review of other key factors that impact the real cost to you. For example, some lenders have arrangement fees that can be large enough to make the overall cost of lending unattractive when compared to others.


We do the hard work for you to gte you a mortgage, so you don't need do. Our complete mortgage advice service is a simple solution to what can be a major headache. Give us a try!