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The New World of Mortgage Advice

Your Financial Lifestages - We Can Help


The mortgage market is forever changing, both in terms of the offers available, regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority, and how lenders assess loan applications.

The biggest recent changes have been in the way mortgage lenders assess the suitability of all clients for the different types of loan on offer.

They base this decision on a variety of factors, primarily:

1. The property – type, condition, access and location

2. Employment status – amount and frequency of income (and time in your current role)

3. Financial commitments – current and future (and your history of managing credit).

There is now more focus on affordability and expenditure. This is very different to the traditional approach of simply multiplying your annual personal (or rental) income by a pre-set multiple to obtain a maximum lending amount.


We pride ourselves on being up to date with regulation, legislation and the economic market.

We understand your needs, match that to the requirements of lenders, and protect you and your loved ones once you have obtained your property.

This way, we help you save time and money in the new world of mortgage advice.

The Stages of Financial Life Where We Can Help You

FIRST TIME BUYER: You want to get on the property ladder, and own your own home.

MOVING HOUSE: You need a bigger house, have to relocate or ‘downsize’ to a smaller property.

REMORTGAGE: You do not want to lose money unnecessarily by paying too much for your current loan arrangements, or any future consolidation or increases.

BUYING TO LET: You want to invest directly in property and become a landlord.

LETTING TO BUY: You want to turn your current home into a house that generates income.

SECOND HOME: You need a home for holidays, a split job location or a possible future home for your children’s further education.

GUARANTOR: You want to help someone else obtain their own home by using your financial stability.

EQUITY RELEASE: You need to use the value in your property to help provide income.

PRESERVING WEALTH: You want to preserve the value of your estate for the benefit of your family.

PROTECTING WEALTH: You need to protect you and your family’s standard of living against the unexpected.

PROTECTING ASSETS: You need to protect your buildings and belongings against the unexpected.


If you’re at or about to approach any of these major life stages, please get in touch today.