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There's No Substitute for the 'Human Touch' When Buying a Home

Why Advisers Can Get you the Best Deal

Getting a mortgage can be nerve-racking. There are lots of different deals on offer, so how do you find the right, most cost-effective deal for your circumstances? Should you fix the rate, if so, how long for? What about deals offering ‘extras’, would they suit your needs? Making the wrong choice about your mortgage could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds more than you need to pay.

By getting help, rather than trawling umpteen websites and spending hours putting in applications to a range of lenders, not only will you save yourself stress and time, you’ll be able to tap into expert advice and guidance that can help ensure you make a success of your property purchase.

Advice on offer

Advisers like us to offer more than just a transactional service. We can help you work out how much you can afford to borrow, and explain what lenders are looking for when they assess your finances, and offer tips on streamlining your spending before you make your application.

Mortgages need to fit your circumstances; we can talk you through the features and benefits of different types of loans and explain the costs involved. We can assist you in completing the application form and ensure you include all the details that lenders will require to assess your application. Then we will help you present it in the best possible light to the right lender. If you need advice on choosing a surveyor or a solicitor, we can help here too.

Today, more than 70% of people looking for a mortgage choose to work with a broker, so if you’d like some advice with a human touch, then do get in contact.