Self Invested Personal Pensions

Looking to use your pension to acquire commercial property?

 A SIPP or self-invested personal pension allows you to choose your own investments so offers a wide range of investment flexibility, including:

  • company shares (UK and overseas)
  • collective investments – such as open-ended investment companies (OEICs) and unit trusts
  • investment trusts
  • property and land – but not most residential property.

You can use a SIPP to invest into commercial property in a variety of forms.

Individuals can own property wholly, or in part, with other pension schemes and non-pension entities, as well as taking advantage of borrowing rules that allow finance to be obtained via banks, building societies and, subject to agreement, other parties, such as an employer.

A SSAS or small, self-administered pension scheme is a type of workplace pension that allows a small number of senior staff to invest in various assets, including the company's premises or shares. It allows access to a considerable variety of investment options.

This can include investing in assets that aren't generally available for many other types of scheme. For example, an SSAS is able to buy the company’s trading premises and lease them back to the company. Subject to certain terms and conditions, it might also lend money back to the company and buy the company’s shares.

  • Choose Your Own Pension Investments
  • Invest In Commerical Property
  • Sits Alongside Other Pension Schemes
  • Invest In Your Business Assets
  • Buy And Lease Back
  • Wide Range of Flexibility

We can help with your whole retirement income and pension planning strategy and widen your investment flexibility. Why not see if our SIPP and SSAS products and commercial mortgages finance solutions could help your business and sure up your wealth management.