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Protection is for the tough times

What's the worst that can happen?

It can be tempting to cancel your protection when times are tough and you’re tightening the purse strings. But removing the vital support that protection cover offers might not be the wisest move.

Take a step back

Some households are considering reducing their level of protection, potentially leaving themselves vulnerable to financial shocks. With higher household bills and mortgage or rent costs, protection is more important than ever right now. Sometimes the instinctive response is not the best one!

Think it through

By cancelling or postponing taking out cover there is a risk that, should the worst happen, you and/or your dependants will be left in a difficult financial position. Have you considered how your family would be able to afford all the monthly outgoings if they were to lose the income of the primary earner through death or illness?

Unique needs

Protection is an essential part of long-term financial planning. We can help you find the right cover for your unique needs.