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UK investors willing to spend less to invest more

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When spending opportunities fell during the pandemic, many people increased their investment contributions. Now, travel, leisure and hospitality spending are recovering, but the investing buzz looks set to continue.

Don’t stop investing

A poll6 has revealed that 76% of UK investors plan to keep their lockdown habits now restrictions have eased. Notably, half of respondents will reduce everyday spending in order to continue investing the same amount or more. On average, investors intend to contribute 19% more each month than during lockdown. This figure is even higher for younger generations (36%). In contrast, just 6% plan to reduce their contributions.

Generational shift

The pandemic spawned a new generation of investors. Some analysts assumed this was a temporary craze, but these findings seem to indicate a more permanent shift in the UK’s attitude towards investing. The recent rise in investing is also aided by the backdrop of rock-bottom interest rates.

Get started on your investment journey

While it is never guaranteed, investments have historically delivered better returns than savings over the long term. We can build a diversified portfolio aligned to your risk profile.

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