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VAT bills getting you down?

A commercial VAT loan is a quick fix

If you’re wondering how you’ll pay your VAT or corporation tax bill while leaving enough cash leftover to run your business, we can help.

A tax loan can help you spread the cost of your obligations to HMRC into affordable monthly payments, and it’s a cashflow management tool that many firms find useful.

It’s wise to stay in HMRC’s good books and pay your tax bill on time but it's also wise to make sure that you still have enough available cash for the day-to-day running of your business. With a tax loan, you can do both. 

Pay, don't delay

HMRC has escalated business winding-up orders and liquidations and late payment fees can quickly escalate; lenders may refuse to lend to you with an outstanding tax bill.

We work with lenders who offer loans specifically designed to pay tax bills, and in some cases funding a VAT bill can have tax benefits, because interest payments are offset against corporation tax later in the year.

Payment can be made directly to HMRC or to a bank account of your choice, avoiding any late penalties. Simply tell us the amount of your tax bill and the term you would prefer and we will tailor the tax loan to suit with fixed payments over the agreed repayment period.

Key Benefits

  • Fast decision turnaround time
  • Competitive rates, instant cash
  • Maintain your banking lines and working capital

If you want to find out about funding a tax bill, we can help you find the finance that’s perfect for your needs. Call us today!