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Your key protection needs

Just under six in ten homeowners (58%) have life insurance!

Just under six in ten homeowners (58%) have life insurance a recent study has discovered, leaving a substantial number without vital fi nancial security and wellbeing3 .

Over the years analysis shows that some people shun life insurance because they think it‘s costly and that policies don’t pay out. However, the most recent data shows that 98% of all claims were paid in 2020 and a variety of low-cost options exist for people with a smaller budget.

The sooner the better

In addition to enjoying more years with crucial peace of mind, taking out a policy earlier can result in a longterm saving. It is generally cheaper to get insured when you are younger because premiums will be aff ected by factors such as age and pre-existing health conditions.

More protection perks

Life insurance provides numerous benefi ts, but lots of consumers always want a little bit more. Added incentives increase take-up of life insurance policies4 , with activity trackers (15%) the biggest enticement, followed by discounted gym memberships (10%) and fresh food subscriptions (10%), highlighting the link between a healthy, happy life and fi nancial security.

What’s right for you?

If you feel ready to protect your life and wellbeing, we can help you find the most suitable cover for your unique needs - for your life, your family and your business.

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